Alternate Reference Rates (ARR) calculator

Legacy systems lack the ability to process Alternate Reference Rates or risk free rates priced Loans. For applications and legacy systems that are unable to calculate their own ARR or RFR based rates and interest accruals, Finastra’s Fusion LIBOR Transition Calculator helps to calculate compounded ARR Rates. Let’s find out more on how this app was designed and built!

ARR overview

Made with developer portal building blockslink

With set of Alternative Reference Rates (ARR) Calculator APIs you can calculate key backward-looking, compounded ARR rates and corresponding accrued interest amounts for a given period or for a predefined set of tenors, based on the published ARR rates or Compounded ARR Index.

ARR overview

Customer focus iterative design phaseslink

Product and design teams worked closely to build this application. Initial phases included persona validation, user flow mapping, quick low-fidelity wireframe iterations and service blueprinting.

design process

Combining and extending existing componentslink

To design and implement the ARR Calculator application, designers and developers reused, combined and customised the existing components and UI elements. Using a shared vocabulary and the components library helped speed the high-fidelity prototyping, facilitated the hand-over to developers and guaranteed a consistent look and feel so that the app can seamlessly integrate with other Finastra products.


Responsive app available on FusionStorelink

Find out more about the ARR Calculator app available on the FusionStore.