Corporate Account Services

Account services is a corporate banking application. The accounts services dashboard allows financial managers, startup owners, enterprise C-level executives to access an overview of their accounts balances, loans and contact their bank for support. Users can customise the dashboard layout by changing the size and order of the widgets.



Using a dashboard pattern, the Accounts services application reusing design system components (cards, list) and combines the foundations to build specialised components (transactions widget, currency converter). A smart assistant is also available from the dashboard.

Account Services structure

User flow prototypelink

Here is an example of a user flow triggered by a skill. Motion is key to give a more friendly and natural relation with users.


This dashboard is responsive, and can be consulted on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Account Services display

Grid examplelink

Here you can find guidelines to build a consistant dashboard layout based on a 12 column grid.

Account Services grid

Made with Developer Portal building blockslink

The account services app consumes two kind of's APIs. The first one is the Account and Balances - B2C API that allows a corporate user to get his different accounts, balances and statements. The second one is the Exchange Rates and Currency Conversion - B2B API that returns the latest exchange rates and allows conversion of amounts from one currency to another.

Account Services grid


Design assets and Angular components implementation

At the end of this process you will get a user friendly application. You can check out the sample corporate account services design resources and access the source code to build your own.