The Repeater component allows you to repeat any kind of component.
It takes a data (datasource) and a component type as main input.
Repeatable components should contain at least a data input. The repeater will use it to inject data.
If you want to match a datasource column with one of your template data, you should provide a columnsMatcher input.

Repeater demo with chartslink



PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
data any[] An array of any data
component Type<any> The component we want to repeat
columnsMatcher Object An object listing the correspondance between a data columns and the component's templates data
space string The space between each repeated component. It's a string as it can be expressed in different units (px, ie, etc)
orientation 'horizontal' | 'vertical' horizontal Orientation of the repeater, can be 'horizontal' or 'vertical'
multiSelect boolean false Define if the components can multi selected or not
selectedKeys number[] The default selected item index


PropertyType Description
selectionChange EventEmitter<any>() Event emitted when an item is selected

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