Hi designers

The prototyping phase of the design process is time consuming. Bring your ideas and low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes faster with ready to use app templates and a library of components you can customize.

finastra UI kit

Before you startlink

Starting from scratch often results in work duplication and less time available to focus on solving real design challenges. Stay creative and build upon already tested, implemented and validated assets.

Prerequisites : Always start with the persona, user goal and user flow before the high-fidelity prototypes. Check the Ideate & Plan overview overview for more information.

Get startedlink

Explore the app templates

For your app you will need:
- Login page & global navigation
- Dashboard templates
- Master/detail templates
- Wizard

For more inspiration, browse app templates, patterns or data visualization documentation.

Duplicate the UI Kit

Duplicate the Design UI Kit. It gets saved to your drafts. You may need to create a free Figma account if you are new to the tool. For more information on how to get started with Figma, refer to Figma documentation

create financial applications
Customize and extend your app with components

You can browse the design system components documentation or check directly the available components in the UI kit.

Additional ressourceslink

In addition to the Figma UI kit, you can find below other tools and resources that can help you go further with your prototyping:
- Theme builder
- Mobile design kit in Adobe XD
- Tutorials
- View all resources

You have feedback or want to contribute ?link

We would love to know how we can make the prototyping assets better. If you found issues, want to raise a request or share your designs back to the community, please use our GitHub discussions.

If you want to contribute to the design system, first read the contribution guidelines .