Global navigation

Many apps use some, or all, of these common page patterns. We recommend you to follow these best practices to build the most efficient navigation for your content.



Grouping several and different financial products in one solution will allow the end-user to search a wide range of resources, pick the most relevant and switch between products seamlessly. A solution can contain multiple products, each of which has a variety of features.

schema of the global navigation structure.

How it workslink

When starting a solution, the first step is to choose among a list of products. Inside a product, users can navigate back to the solution's home, change solution or choose an application. Applications are where users work, analyse datas, process tasks and informations.

Screenshot of global navigation landing pageScreenshot of global navigation product pageScreenshot of global navigation sidenav

App barlink

Here with the Global navigation you can go through your different apps and products with this app bar available on the app starter kit.

Screenshot of global navigation app bar

Tools to build the global navlink

Global navigation is made of many components that are parts of the design system. You will find design templates and code implementations for app bar, side navigation, solutions and products cards on our app starter kit with the link below.

Download app starter kit